Friday, January 23, 2009

CD Sales Down Even More

Taylor Swift's Fearless topped the charts for another week, but once again the sales fell, this time to a mere 63,000 copies (about 11% from last week).  It used to be that a 56k weekly sales amount might get you dropped from the label, now it's a #1.  Beyonce was second with only 40,000 units sold.

Overall, sales for last week were down 15.4% versus the same week a year ago, to about 5.89 million units total.

All that being said, part of the reason for the drop in sales is that it's really hard to find a place that even sells CDs any more. With Circuit City going out of business, this will get even tougher in the future.  There seems to be a niche available for a new CD/music retailer out there, but the economic climate is not the best for a new business launch seen as dubious by some.  Even so, you can't buy it if you can't find it!

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Don D said...

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The question is: what's a "unit"?

A CD is just an inefficient envelope used to physically ship an audio file -- which includes a bunch of audio files you probably don't want.

It's like mailing people batteries to run their refrigerator.

There are better ways to do this.


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