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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NAMM 09 Overview - Part 2

What I love best about NAMM is the oddities - the products that have a low chance of widespread acceptance that clearly scratch the itch of their creators but no so much the public at large. There's always something that you haven't seen before or something with a new twist, even if it's not too practical. Here are a few things that I saw.

The 7 string bass. When 4 strings, eh...5 strings, eh...6 strings aren't enough, there's always room for one more. I bet you won't see this on a Motown session any time soon.

The next best thing to having your favorite star with you is having their fingerprint on one of your picks. Does talent transfer through a fingerprint?

One of the many booths with cheap knock-off products from China (in this case) or Korea.  Who buys this stuff, anyway?

Don't like the look of your guitar? Change it with a jacket. After all, it's the easiest way to get that studded look that you always wanted.

The world is saved! We now have a virtual accordion for all those digital polka gigs!!

A lesson in branding (not). "I'm gonna blow you away with my Smarvo stacks!"

Oh, you mean the radio has to go inside the car. Now I get it.

Now for something serious. I actually did like this Vox Night Train amp a lot.  15 watts, EL84 tubes (like an AC-15 or 30), compact - what else could you want?

Next post, some video.


Digger said...

I love that you found time to bring us all this goofy shit.

I like the guitar jackets -- how smart is that? (And how much do they cost?)

Digger said...

Okay, how many fingers do you need to play a 12-string bass?

The scary thing about cheap Chinese crap is that they'll keep trying to get it better...and eventually they might.

Hey, don't make fun of accordians!

Yeah, they gotta rethink "Smarvo". Why not go all out with Pervo. Or Smarm-o?


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