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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Band Improvement Book Finally Released

I hate to be so self-serving 2 days in a row, but just thought I'd announce that my new book, How To Make Your Band Sound Great, has finally been released.

The book is about the many ways to improve your band, starting with your individual playing, to the interaction of the band itself. The book also includes a DVD where I take a band (The Bohunks, a ska band from LA) and demonstrate many of the techniques laid out in the book.

This book has been in my head for a long time. You learn a lot about what makes a band sound great when everything is under the microscope of the studio, and I wanted to translate the things we do in making records directly to bands that always wonder, "Why don't we sound like xxx (your favorite band here)".

As a matter of fact, that's the main reason for the book. I can remember when I was in my very first band in Minersville, PA and wondered "Why don't we sound like the best band in town?" No one could tell me.

Then when I began playing with the best band in town I wondered, "Why don't we sound like the best band in the region?" No one could tell me again.

Later when I was playing with The Other Side, the best band in that part of the state, I used to wonder, "We're really good, but we could be better. Why don't we sound like an Aerosmith record?" Again, no one had an answer to that simple question.

Well, this book does have the answers, and if a band just follows a single tip from Chapter 8, they'll get better seemingly overnight.

I'm really proud of How To Make Your Band Sound Great, and if any of you should buy or read it, I'd love your feedback.

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