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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snew Hits #1!

A band I produced last year, Snew, has hit #1 on the album charts of the on-line radio station Ilike2rock net radio. The band is commonly described as a cross between AC/DC and Aerosmith along with a bit of Jackl (though I don't here it) for good measure.

This is their 3rd trip to #1, with previous stints on High Octane Radio's Dirty Thirty, and The band's Snew You album also made a number of "Best of 2008" lists from around the world as well.

Snew's worldly songs are observations about life and the human condition, rather than the typical love-hate relationship songs that most bands and artists resort to when they not accomplished songwriters. Combine that with some really classic rock riffs and you have something that you can't stop listening too. I must admit that I'm biased, but they've had so many really good reviews that I feel somewhat vindicated in feeling that way. You can see and hear them on their website at

I had a great time working with Snew, and it's great to see them have success around the world. We also just cut a version of Deep Purple's Highway Star with guitar god Allan Holdsworth playing the solos that are as unusual as they are great (yes, it's Allan playing a guitar and not an organ for the second solo). You can download it for free on their website.

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