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Friday, March 13, 2009

Interesting Country Music Survey

A recent study funded by the Country Music Association and covered by The Tennessean uncovered some interesting facts that corroborate some of the findings from an earlier posting about country music:

  • About 2 in 5 Americans ages 18 to 54 consider themselves country music fans.
  • About 5% of American adults consider themselves "countryphiles," or exceptionally passionate fans of the genre.
  • They're predominantly Caucasian, more female than male, and are evenly distributed across all age groups and income levels.
  • They feel that country music represents their value system.
  • They hate it when an artist like John Mellencamp dabbles in the music but doesn't stay there long. They're happy to embrace a new artist in the country genre though.
  • And most surprising, 50% of country music fans DO NOT have home Internet access.
This accounts for why digital downloads are so low in the space, but it also provides a pretty good overview of the audience. One can only hope that the music business in Nashville reads this carefully and takes action accordingly to accommodate those fans.

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