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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beatles Sign Game Deal?

Apple Corp (The Beatles record label), MTV and game maker Harmonix announced that it will release The Beatles: Rock Band game on September 9th. This is unbelievable on several fronts:

1) The Beatles are still not on iTunes, yet they signed a game deal.

2) Can you believe that the toughest-to-license band in the world signed a game deal in the first place?

I can't even imagine the amount of money they'll be receiving from this, but I bet it's larger than the GDP of a small country.

I've railed against Guitar Hero and Rock Band for a long time now (certainly in numerous posts here), but I'm beginning to think that I'm wrong. My thought was that, with all the time that kids are spending on the games instead of learning to play a real instrument, they were hurting the music business in the long term. I've recently found empirical evidence to the contrary though. Several guitar and music teachers have told me that the number of students starting lessons have increased and they directly attribute it to these games.

It's good to be wrong about something yet have some great consequences come of it. I'm glad to be wrong in my opinions all day long if that's the case.

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