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Monday, May 4, 2009

Coldplay To Give Away Live CD

In another example of the new way of doing business in today's music world, Coldplay is giving away LeftRightLeftRightLeft, a new 9 track CD. There is a catch though, you have to buy a ticket to one of their upcoming shows to get it.

Actually, another way to look at it is that if you buy a ticket, you get a free CD. The release will also be available as a free download on the Coldplay website and will contain versions of Coldplay hits like "Clocks", "Viva La Vida" and "Fix You".

The way I look at this is that Coldplay could've just made this their next release and charged their fans for it, but instead basically chose to give it away instead as a perk for buying a ticket. It's a great example of the economics of free in that it gets them press for their upcoming tour (we're talking about it now) and provides a nice little reward for fans too. Plus it didn't cost them much in terms of production since it was a recorded live show, and the cost of pressing the CD and artwork will no doubt be built into the ticket price.

This is a great example of the way business should be done in Music 3.0.

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