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Friday, May 8, 2009

Digital Hollywood 09

Digital Hollywood at the Lowe's Hotel in Santa Monica, CA is usually a must-attend events if you're in the digital music business.

The event always has a number of simultaneous sessions (although 4 at the same time seems to be too much of a good thing) with a variety of movers and shakers from various parts of the digital world. Although the panels can be interesting, it's the business that's done in the hallways that keeps attendees coming back.

Like most conferences, Digital Hollywood is a reflection of the pulse of the economy, both generally and specifically the digital sector, and this years conference seemed pretty upbeat despite quite a number of previously employed attendees now looking for work. The feeling at DH was that the economy appears to have bottomed and is on the upswing, but everyone and every company is playing things lean and mean and still expecting some hard times before things get better.

No blockbuster news or observations on DH, but it was the 3rd conference in a row that I've been to that has been generally upbeat, after the near moribund CES show in January kicked the year off. Let's hope everything continues on this current path for the better.

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