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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hypbot's Great Marketing Ideas

Bruce Houghton's Hypebot is one of the best and most read music blogs on the Web. It's always filled with not only timely music stories but pertinent advice.

Bruce outdid himself today with his response to Rhino Record's digital single releases celebrating 60 years of the 45 RPM single. For between $1.49 and $1.99, Rhino will provide the original hit song, its B side and the original artwork. A shout-out to my friend Robin Hurley at Rhino who's responsible for the promotion.

But this got Bruce thinking and he came up with the following marketing ideas:
  • Gems You Missed - A series of 2 - 3 seldom played but worthy cuts
  • Cover Up - The original song plus a great cover version or two.
  • Something Old, Something New - The classic version and a cover by an unknown artist
You don't have to be a heritage act or have a deep catalog to riff on the digital 45:
  • Three Sides - One song in an early studio version, the final mix and then captured live.
  • Radical Mixes - two or three very different mixes of the same song perhaps done by the fans.
  • Two Sides Of (Your City) - Two different bands each contribute a track to a series chronicling a local scene
  • Artist X Introduces _____ - One song by a somewhat popular artist plus a track by their favorite new band.
It's great marketing ideas like these that will expand interest in music and the industry.

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