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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mixed Bag

Here's some short comments on several Monday news items:

As predicted, LiveNation has extended their "all-in Wednesdays" to seats other than only the cheapest lawn seats. Last week the concert promoter offered a $29.95 all-in price (including parking, service charges and even refreshments) and it was a smashing success. LiveNation will offer a $49.95 all-in deal on all amphitheater concert reserved seats on Wednesday July 15th.
  • Prediction: Watch this deal expand to other nights and other seats as people respond in a big way as the contents of their wallets continue to shrink. Other promoters will follow their lead as well.

Perez Hilton recently signed a deal with Warner Bros. for his own label. This is another case of people peripherally connected with the music business believing they're actually IN the music business, or have any talent other than being able to tap their toes when listening to music.
  • Prediction: Perez will soon discover that being a label head is a lot harder than it looks. Also watch for his credibility to wane (even more so) now that he's part of the establishment he so loves to take to task.

Michael Jackson sold 8 million CDs in the last 14 days!! There hasn't been a period like that in the music business in a long, long time. That 8 million does not include digital sales either.
  • Prediction: Although sales are now beginning to wane a bit, look for them to stay strong at least in the near term as MJ's estate troubles keep him in the news and as Sony catches up with CD back orders.

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