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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Apple To Finally Release Beatles Catalog?

Apple has announced that it will be making a major announcement on 9-9-9, the same day the remastered Beatles catalog is to become available.

Does this mean that the Beatles catalog will finally be available on iTunes? The group has left a considerable amount of money on the table for some time by playing hard to get for their digital songs (not that they need it), but even though they'd probably get a bump in sales, it just might be too late to really cash in.

Word has it that the average age of the typical iTunes user is getting younger and younger as parents would rather their kids pay for songs on the site than take of risk of downloading illegally. Even though a surprising number of kids really like the Fab 4's music, it's still over 40 years old! It's surprising that any kid can relate.

And will the Baby Boomers flock to the site to make a purchase yet again? They have the records, they have the CDs, and they may even buy the about-to-be-released remastered CDs, so it's difficult to justify yet another purchase, especially in this economy.

So I'd be surprised if the coffers of the iTunes store explodes if, in fact, the Beatles catalog does finally make their for-sale lists. If I'm wrong, it will make for a fascinating study of exactly who the purchasing consumer really is.

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