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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Savior Of Print Media?

Would you read a newspaper or magazine if it had video embedded into it? As far fetched as that may seem, the concept is about to become reality. CBS unveiled a new "video-in-print" promotion, sticking a real video player inside a print magazine ad, advertising for a host of television shows from the pages of a magazine.

The "video-in-print" technology was created by Americhip, and will be inserted into subscription copies of Entertainment Weekly's Sept. 18 Fall TV Preview in New York and Los Angeles.

It's not surprising that the first use of video-in-print is for advertising, but I'm sure a clever publisher or author can come up with some interesting use in the future if the price is right (big question). Until we get a book that projects a hologram, this might be the next best thing, for better or worse.

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