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Sunday, March 28, 2010

It Might Get Loud Again - Dynamically So

Last week I posted a great out-take from the film "It Might Get Loud" featuring Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White. Here's another excerpt that features a great lesson for guitar players and another for musicians in general.

The lesson for musician's is that dynamics are so important in music and they can't be overlooked. "Whisper to the thunder," as Page says and displays during a solo look at "Ramble On." Dynamics are one of the secrets of success for any major act and Jimmy provides a great example here.

Guitar players should also check out Page's playing during this clip. No, not the notes, but how clean he plays with the volume turned back on the front pickup during the verse and B-sections, and then how it gets big, loud and raucous when the chorus hits and he switches to the rear pickup.

Enjoy watching a master!

1 comment:

Justin Fobes said...

Great movie. Great lesson.


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