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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Britney Spears Real Vocals

Here's a great example of how someone with real talent can get warped by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Below you'll hear the real vocals of Britney Spears during her tour.

You're going to listen and say, "How is it that this girl got so far in the business?", but I urge you to keep an open mind. After you listen to the atrociousness of the first video, go to the second and have a listen, especially from about 1:00 onward.

This girl has some pipes! Or at least had them. It's hard to tell what her current vocal state really is with the so-called songs she now records being so unchallenging. Plus, when your fans care more about how you look and dance than how sound, the Brit has no reason to push herself.

I'm not a fan of Britney, especially of her music, and I don't want to be seen as an apologist for her. I don't believe for a single moment that she'll ever produce any kind of music that will last beyond a year, but I do think it's a real shame when someone lets any real talent they have waste away.

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M Pallante said...

I think its also worth taking into account what a pop performance entails. Rich Cronin of LFO (Who happened to tour with Spears) laid it out pretty simply.

You cannot dance and sing. Or rather you can't do both at once well. The moves she's pulling on this video are so physically demanding that there's no way she's even attempting to sing. What we're hearing is the feed from her mic while the backing track plays. She's moving her mouth and making noise because you can tell when someone's just moving their mouth.

I see it a lot with pop. They'll Lip-Sync the vocals to the dance numbers and then sit still and bust out the ballads.

Can she sing? Maybe... Could she ever? Heck yes- that's impressive!

Jacek Sniecikowski said...

There's been many mic captures of concerts that were lip synced, just like this one.

Here's the thing... The artist is not supposed to sing on a concert like that, they most likely don't even have proper sound feed of their own voice.
Now try talking when you can't hear yourself and if you record yourself, you will be surprised how different you sound (similar to people who speak really loud when they have their headphones on).

So not defending her talents here but we shouldn't be judging somebody's singing abilities when they were not even able to sing properly.

The question of whether lip synced concerts are a good idea is a whole different subject.

Bobby Owsinski said...

Totally agree, Jacek. That was the point of the post, if you read it all the way through.


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