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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Beatles "Hey Jude" Rehearsal

Here's a compilation of rehearsals of The Beatles "Hey Jude". What you'll see is snippets of takes 7 through 25, although most of the footage comes from take 9. This recording was not intended for the final recording, but was supposed to be part of documentary regarding the song. Much of the what you'll see never made it into the film.

In the middle you'll see George Harrison, producer George Martin, and engineer Ken Scott in the control room. George didn't have a part to play (reason unknown) so he chatted up Martin in the booth.

Things to look for:

1) Once again, the boys are having fun. It's great to see people (especially our heros) have fun when they're making music. They do seem bored with the process however.

2) Ringo, as always, is his steady self. In most of these behind-the-scenes things, he's always the one no one pays attention to, mostly because whatever he plays just seems to fit.

3) Also notice the drums - the tea towels draped over the toms, and the miking technique. It appears that all of the drums are individually miked, which is unusual for the time.

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Derek said...

FYI this was July 30, 1968, filmed for a documentary called "Music!", in Abbey Road Studio 2. Most of the real "Hey Jude" (with George Harrison, plus an orchestra) was done at Trident Studios the next week, because they had 8-track machines available before Abbey Road did.

Derek said...

Oh, and by the way, for those who still think Ringo isn't a great drummer, notice how incredibly solid he is here, even though everyone knows this is a rehearsal/jam. He may not have prog-rock chops, but he almost never flubbed things, and almost always put the song in just the right place.


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