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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Come To My AES Sessions And Book Signing

I'll be presenting a couple of sessions at the upcoming AES convention in San Francisco on November 5th and 6th entitled "Social Media For Musicians And Engineers - Part 1 and 2."

Here are the session descriptions:

Social Media For Musicians And Engineers - Part 1
For the first time in history, an artist or band can directly communicate, market and sell directly to their fans without the need of a record label. This presentation describes the basic elements needed for a successful online social presence, as well as the latest strategies for music and video releases, online promotion and sales, and interaction with fans and clients.
Topics covered include:
The meaning of Music 3.0
Why a website is the center of your social media universe
The elements of a successful site
The new release schedule
Your mailing list - old tech, new importance
The social media world is larger than you think
Measurement techniques

Social Media For Musicians And Engineers - Part 2
MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are important elements for developing a fanbase, but without the proper strategy they can prove ineffective and take so much time that there's no time left for creating. This presentation shows artists, bands, musicians and audio professionals the best techniques to utilize social media as a promotional tool without it taking 20 hours a day.
Topics covered include:
Social Media management strategies
Optimizing your YouTube presence
The secrets of viral videos
The online video world is larger than you think
Search Engine Optimization basics
Using Facebook and Twitter for marketing
The secret behind successful tweets
Is MySpace dead?
What’s next?

If you're attending AES, please join me for the sessions and book signing afterwards.

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