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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Back In The USSR" Isolated Vocals

Today we'll listen to the isolated vocals from "Back In The USSR," the opening track from The Beatles so-called "White Album." Written and sung by Paul McCartney, who also played drums on the song, the track was recorded during the period where Ringo Starr temporarily quit the band.

1) I never heard the claps in the chorus and guitar solo before, but there are always little acoustic gems in tracks that are mixed down or covered with something else so they're barely audible.

2) All of the vocals are dry, but they still sound perfect for the song - present and in your face.

3) It's interesting to hear how much the background shouts add to the excitement of the track.

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mgjr73 said...

This is awesome! You're right about the claps. Did you do EQ work to isolate the vocals?

Turnidoff Productions said...

Hilarious! It sounds like Paul is hopping or jogging in place. That's one energetic vocal!

Mark Marshall said...

What I find really interesting is the vocal vibrato! It's uncharacteristically stuttery for Paul - almost like he's banging on his chest while he's singing. Never noticed that in the original! Also - the repeated low 4/4 "doo" in the beach boys section - never noticed that either. Very cool.

Brad said...

That vocal vibrato is awesome! I've never noticed it before, but I just listened to the song and sure enough, it's there. Sounds like something somebody would create with auto tune. lol Paul is the man!

Ronnie said...

This is Amazing Stuff ! Do you have Geroge Martins cell number too !!!!

sculley said...

I'm guessing the vibrato is the result of playing the piano so vigorously while singing.

Dave King said...

I don't remember the vocal ending on the final version the way it does here. Is this perhaps not the vocal track used in the final version?


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