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Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Crazy Train" Ozzy - Isolated Guitar Track

There are not many guitar players who make an instant mark on the music world, but Randy Rhoads was one of them. With the most amazingly fluid style since Eddie Van Halen, Randy's work with Ozzy Osbourne helped bring Ozzy back from obscurity. Here's the first (and some say still the best) single that Ozzy released after his break from Black Sabbath, the isolated guitar track from "Crazy Train" from the  1980 Blizzard of Oz album. Here are some things to listen for (it doesn't begin until about 20 seconds in).

1) The guitars are a true double, split left and right, with the parts played slightly differently. The chords are on the left side while most of the single note pedal is on the right. It's amazing that he can double some of the licks and harmonics so well.

2) The guitar sound is very basic, with just a short room sound used as ambience.

3) You can hear a punch on the left side at about 2;15 and at the solo at 2;50.

4) The solo is written and again doubled very effectively, making it sound a lot bigger as a result.

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Peter Toriello said...

Just FYI it is "Rhoads" :) Also, I didn't copy any YouTube links because it is off the "Tribute" album and maybe violating copyright when posted on YouTube but there's a great track of his studio outtakes from tracking the acoustic piece "Dee". I think it is great to hear someone like this who is really spot on with his parts go through the process of a few mistakes and just how he laid it down. Makes lesser guitar players like me feel just that much better that masters like Randy were human too.

Bobby Owsinski said...

Thanks, Peter. Made the change. Agreed on "Dee."

Marcus said...

Hi Bobby, I live in Brazil and I am very thankful for the great info you provide here. I play guitar for about 20 yrs and Rhoads was a HUGE influence to me. Best regards, Marcus Vinnas

Affinity86 said...

This is unreal to hear such perfection in the double tracked parts. When I first heard this, I almost thought it was one guitar part with a short delay panned to the other side, but listening closely I realize that's not the case! Randy just played so precisely that the parts mesh together completely; I can't even fathom how difficult that must be to double guitar parts that are already hard enough to play once, let alone twice.


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