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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Power Of The Pentatonic Scale

This is a fabulous video. It's vocalist Bobby McFerrin at the World Science Festival teaching the pentatonic scale to the audience in a unique way. Granted, there are probably a lot of musicians in the audience, but watch how the audience fills in the notes by themselves.

As McFerrin states at the end of the video, "No matter where I'm at, every audience seems to get it for some reason." I guess you don't have to be a musician or music student after all. It's something that's inherent in all of us.

Check it out. It's short, fun and borderline amazing.


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Dan said...

Wow. That was really cool. I guess I'm smarter than I thought. :)

Koops said...

I think Bobb McFerrin is a genius.

Brian said...

Great demonstration!

Geoff said...

I've seen him do this live, and trust me, when the whole audience sings that first note that Bobby didn't "teach", it feels like magic.


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