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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Deep Purple On "Democratic Mixing"

Every engineer or producer has gone through a session where the entire band is present, and each wants to hear "more me" in the mix. The result usually takes a well-balanced mix and turns it into a sonic goo that just doesn't work any more. While we usually associate this kind of action with young bands with little studio experience, it can happen to well-established hit makers as well.

Here's a quick video that shows what famed metal producer Martin Birch went through with Deep Purple during the making of their breakout mega-seller Machine Head.

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Nichole said...

Just found this in your additional links; great to hear Purple's story of how comical yet serious that situation can be.
Speaking of Martin Birch, if not already, Bobby would you be able to feature a blog post on Isolated Vocal/Instrument Mix from Fleetwood Mac 's "Hypnotized" ?

Bobby Owsinski said...

Sure, if the isolated vocal is available on YouTube. I don't process and post the isolated track videos myself. That would be copyright infringement.

Nichole said...

Understandably,I'm sure you don't process nor post them yourself.

As I've learned, this song was another one recorded from the Stones'Mobile Unit and continues to inspire instrument wise and vocally.I would like to listen to the isolated mix and learn how Martin captured/mixed Bob's vocals. Because it sounds as if Bob is "Singing To" instead of "Singing At" yet it's not a Ballad. And so his vocals sound "light as a feather" throughout the entire song, just like the song title. I'm not clear as to how much of that is due to the capturing process or if it is just how Bob projected his vocals anyway. This seems rare for the majority of 70's Rock Male Vocals,and of course, today is almost nonexistent at least in the Commercial and Indie Rock Genre for so many reasons. It would be great to read your blog post on "Hypnotized" when the time presents itself, uninfringed of course.


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