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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Pick Punch

I can't decide if this product is a good idea or not. It's called the Pick Punch, and it allows you to make guitar picks by punching out your old credit cards. I suppose if you had other sources of plastics, you could make picks from different thicknesses as well. It's about $40 on Amazon. You could buy a lot of your preferred picks for that amount, or even get some custom one's made, but then all those old credit cards would go to waste.

Guitar players, what do you think?

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Mike B. said...

Like I want to be reminded how much I owe JP Morgan Chase every time I play guitar. Think I'll pass...

Chaz H said...

For $40 you can buy a few bags of real picks that will last for years and feel good in your fingers... this thing is silly.

Anonymous said...

I use a pair of scissors.


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