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Thursday, September 29, 2011

DIY High-End Headphones

I know that "high-end" and "headphones" don't necessarily deserve to be in the same sentence, but I thought this was interesting. There's a guy who does a mode on some rather run of the mill Fostex T-50 headphones (like the ones that many studios use) that supposedly turns them into something "high-end" (there's that word again). Here's a review from Head-Fi TV about the modified T-50's with a new name - Thunderpants.

You can find out more about the mod on this website.

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VIOZ said...

Why can't headphones be high-end? I always thought you would get the purest sound from them, since there's no room acoustics altering the original signal. Why isn't audio editing done with headphones instead of speakers?

Bobby Owsinski said...

It's not a great idea to mix on headphones because that's not how most people listen, so what you do doesn't necessarily translate. Audio editing is frequently done on headphones though, and works very well except for the fact that the phones hurt your head after a long session.


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