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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Greg Bissonette's Sound Check Groove

Here's a great video with drummer extraordinaire Greg Bissonette describing the drum groove that he's developed to make sound checks go a bit faster. The idea is to give the engineer everything he needs to  check each of the drums and cymbal mics, but in a musical way.

I've found that almost all experienced session drummers have a similar groove or routine that goes way beyond the boring 20 minutes of "Give me your kick drum" while the drummer bangs away on just a single drum. While some of that is necessary, everyone appreciates a groove that more closely simulates a song rather than an exercise.

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1 comment:

Randy said...

Gregg has that magic combination of immense talent plus being the nicest guy on earth. We all have much to learn from him. Thanks for posting Bobby,


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