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Thursday, October 27, 2011

An Overview Of Pro Tools 10 Features

It seems like we just got used to Pro Tools 9 (at least I did) when Avid suddenly sprung Pro Tools 10 on us. While it seems like it's mostly for power users, the latest version does have a few features that the average user might find useful.

Here's a video that explains many of those new features. One of the things that it doesn't go over is the one that I think is the most useful, which is clip-based level control, something that other DAWs have had for a while. I'll post another video just on that next week.

One of the features that seems to be getting the most hype is Euphonix-style channel strip. Having spent a lot of time on the Euphonix Series 5 and therefore playing with the real thing, I'm not sure it's worth the press that it seems to be getting. While it's certainly better than some of the stock plugins that come with PT, the channel strip on the S5 was pretty colorless in my opinion. There just didn't seem to be a lot of character there, which is perfect for certain types of music and program, and less so for others.

Regardless, check out the video on PT 10's new features.

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