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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Studio In Your iPhone

Who says that the iPhone isn't a recording tool? Here's a pretty cool example of what can be done with a few apps and a good song, as One Like Son shows how they did it. Among the iPhone apps and accessories that I spotted were:

A Sonoma Wire Works Guitarjack audio interface
The Pocket Organ
Multitrack DAW (which looks very cool for 10 bucks)
AC Core Mini

I'd like to find out how the drums were done since it sure sounds like a real drummer. Regardless if they're real or programmed, this song just goes to show what's possible with your phone these days.

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Stephen said...

Wow, being featured on Bobby's blog just made my day!!

To answer your question, the drums were done in Sonoma Wireworks' Drumcore. It's midi, but played by a real drummer triggering their own kit. A really great program.

Philip Linford said...


I was inspired by your video to go out and get the apps and give this a try. My questions is: how do you get the apps like thumbjam to be recognized in multitrack? I can't seem to get any audio to record when I play with thumbjam after minimizing the multitrack app...

Stephen said...

Unfortunately some apps don't have the copy/paste feature. In the case of Thumbjam and Organ I had to play them from another iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

Philip Linford said...

Ahhhh. Another reason to buy more toys. My wife thanks you! :-)

Robert Anthony said...

I just wish iOS had more interaction capabilities between music apps. I don't know if this is on Apple or on the app devs. For example I bought two iOS apps that both on their App Store pages claimed to have access to each other and could "export audio and midi from one app into the other". I never could figure out how to do it.

That is a cool concept I wish would have more app devs working together.


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