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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Audio Mixing Bootcamp Training Video

Recently I completed a video training course for called "The Audio Mixing Bootcamp" which outlines some basic mixing techniques. The course covers everything from from optimizing your monitors to balance to compression, EQ and effects. is one of the leaders in online video training and I'm very honored and proud to be a part of their organization.

You can see an example of a movie from the first chapter on the Lynda blog. The movie is called "Determining Your Listening Position" and it deals with find the best location for you and your monitors in your room.

The video course is an adjunct to a new book coming out soon called "The Audio Mixing Bootcamp," which takes a different approach to teaching mixing. Instead of describing the various mixing techniques, it's a series of exercise that will take you in different directions, some good and some bad, to give you a good idea of what works and what doesn't. The book should be out in January at NAMM and is published by Alfred Music Publishing.

There will also be a recording version of both the book and the video training coming soon as well.

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Booker J Wood said...

Hi there,

I'm busy going through the free online version and I'm loving it. How does this compare with the "Audio Mixing Boot Camp: Hands-On Basic Training for Musicians, Book & DVD [Paperback]" as on Amazon?

Thanx for all your great contribution. I already have numerous book :-)


Bobby Owsinski said...

The video course was designed around the book. The book has some info that the video course doesn't have and vice versa. Also, the book has a DVD that features a number of songs in different genres that you can see what I've done and practice with. Every song is available in one of 6 different DAW sessions.


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