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Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Making Of Pink Floyd's "Money"

Here's something that I posted about 3 years ago but thought it would be fun again for those new readers that haven't seen it before. It's an excellent video on the making of Pink Floyd's "Money," and it's still pretty cool.  There are lot of interesting things illustrated here:

1) Old fashioned tape loops. Yes, in the days before digital, this is how it was done (I get nostalgic looking at the MCI 4 track).

2) Track layering. You can plainly hear how there's usually a lot more going on in a record than what seems apparent. The numerous guitar tracks are a great example here.

3) The use of of effects. Effects are used to place a track in an artificial acoustic space and you especially can hear how it works very well here when Alan Parsons (the engineer for the session) adds the effects in on the vocals, then cuts them off during the bridge.


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Gian Nicola Beraldo said...

I think I would love to be David Gilmour...!!!
But, please, who's the guy with wires on the background?
Very nice video, and very nice editing too.
Peace :-)

steve harvey said...

I think the guy with the wires behind him is Chris Thomas, who was brought in to help with the mix.

You can see the whole feature here:

Juan said...

Ahh...i love this video...

This is a small piece of a video from "Classic Album" series DVD, "The making of Dark Side of the Moon". Is so interesting for anyone involved in production or Pink Floyd music. Alan Parsons shows why he gained his reputation. At some point in the DVD, Gilmour shows the actual machine that made several sounds across the CD. Strongly recommended.

There's also U2's "The Joshua Tree" and Phil Collins "Face Value" DVDs that shows you the mind of the producer at that time, with actual equipment.

Happy New Year Mr. Owsinski!


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