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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nile Rogers Funk Tips

I recently read Chic guitarist/producer extraordinaire Nile Rogers' book, Le Freak: An Upside Story Of Family, Disco, And Destiny,  and came away plenty impressed with what Nile overcame to rise to become one of the the top hitmaker's in the world. I think I liked Keith Richards' Life a little better as far as the amount of juicy stories, but Nile's book really looks into an era of music that isn't talked about much (meaning the "Disco" era). Regardless whether you like the music of Chic (I personally do), there's no denying that Rogers had a huge impact on the world of popular music as a producer.

One area that Nile really knows is funk, and in the following video, he gives probably the best lessons I've ever seen on what is funky and what isn't in terms of playing. This should be a must see for every guitar player, regardless of if you play in the genre or not.

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Anonymous said...

That is some good, useful information. It's a cool approach to split the strings into groups of 3's.

Fred Decker said...


Cool video. I agree--every guitar player could benefit from watching this.

The idea of playing three strings or even two at a time may not be apparent when a guy's playing at home by himself, but with a band it's a great way to get the guitar part to cut through the sound of the other instruments.

He plays alot of guitar just going from I to IV!


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