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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A 48 Track DAW For The iPad recently posted an article on a full-blown 48 track DAW for the iPad that looks pretty awesome. The app comes from a new company called Auria, and isn't available quite yet, but it's features are very complete, as you can see from the following:
  • "48 mono/stereo, 24-bit/44.1kHz tracks, with recording for up to 24 tracks (you’ll obviously need a USB audio interface that can do that.)
  • 64-bit, double precision mix architecture (something that just came out in the latest version of Pro Tools)
  • Full delay compensation
  • “Vintage-inspired” channel strips, with a desktop-like UI and VU/RMS switching
  • Plug-in support. Out of the gate, PSPaudioware, Overloud, Fab Filter and Drumagog all work. You need to do custom wrapping of plug-ins for this host; standard plug-ins won’t work. The format is based on VST, but it’s not VST in the traditional sense in that they have to be custom-wrapped for sale through the app. 
  • Dropbox, SoundCloud, AAF, MP3 export
  • Advanced channel strips, EQ, expansion/compression and dynamic controls ready to go
  • Convolution reverb. (This one blows my mind.)
  • AAF import/export, making one definite application using this as a satellite for your desktop DAW"
Check out the video.

I expect this Winter NAMM show to be a big one for iPad apps, and as always, I'll report on everything I see. In the meantime, the Auria app is a good start.

You can read the entire article from here.


Anonymous said...

This is interesting. I wonder when the graphics for these kinds of things will stop being representations of analog gear? It seems silly. Maybe more "hands on" interactions with the waveforms will become more standard?

Juan said...

I guess my old tascam 4 ch. tape portatrack studio will be an insult to the garbage i just put in to the trash can...


Bobby Owsinski said...

You'll be sorry some day when that 4 track is considered "vintage," Juan.

Bobby Owsinski said...

Re: analog UI. We're still tied to the analog past, but slowly but surely we're moving away from it. It may not happen soon, but eventually we'll get a more modern DAW UI for software.


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