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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rare George Martin-Beatles Footage

If you're a Beatles fan, you're going to say "Wow" many times as you watch this video. It looks like it was recorded directly off a television, but it also looks like most of the footage are personal home movies. Regardless, this is footage that is so rare that I doubt most fans have ever seen it.

You'll see a completely at ease George Martin telling stories at home, a walk through Abbey Road Studio 2, the Beatles original demo tape - and that's only in the first 2 minutes! What I loved the most was George Martin, Paul and Ringo discussing Ringo's drumming, and Cilla Black in the studio.

Enjoy this before EMI gets wind of it and has it taken down (although it comes from the "colorful" Clive Worth, and I have no idea how he's connected to George or The Beatles).

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1 comment:

Mike Vlcek said...

Just found out. It is called "Arena: Produced by George Martin" and was aired by the BBC2 earlier in 2011.

It is not available on the iPlayer any more, unfortunately.


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