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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Facebook's Massive Media Storage

Perhaps you recently bought a few terabyte hard drives and are feeling that you're pretty well covered for storage. A terabyte, of couse, is a 1,000 gigabytes. The next increment is a petabyte, which is 1,000 terabytes.

So consider for a moment just how big a petabyte is.
  • Just 1 petabyte equals 20 million 4-drawer filling cabinets filled with text.
  • 1 petabyte equals 13.3 years of HD video.
  • 20 petabytes was the total hard drive space manufactured in 1995
  • 50 petabytes is the equivalent of the entire written works of mankind, from the beginning of recorded history, in all languages.
That's why the recent IPO filing from Facebook is so amazing. In it they state that they already store over 100 petabytes of photos and videos from their 850 million users.

Having trouble wrapping your head around that number? Maybe the following infographic will help.

Facebook Storage Chart image from Bobby Owsinski's Big Picture production blog

Obviously technology has moved into the realm of super-storage, and what once seemed quite large is now small. Welcome to the world we now live in.

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