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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Making Of An Audiophile

Here's a great movie about the lives of audiophiles. Once upon a time we'd make fun of their obsession, but now I wish that more of them were around.

There was a time during the 70's when having a good audio playback system was just as important as having a smart phone is today. It was not only a status symbol, but something cherished and valued as well. We spent a lot of time listening back in those days (usually to a full album at a time), so you wanted the experience to be sonically as great as possible. The average college student had a better sound system in his or her dorm room than you'll find today even in so-called "home theaters" as a result.

We spend at least as much time listening today, but thanks to the world of MP3s and digital streaming, and especially thanks to listening to music through earbuds, the sonics of music isn't as important. That said, there are those that care deeply about the sound they listen to, and are willing to go to great lengths and sacrifices to achieve greatness. I'm not sure that their methods are always the best, but at least they try.

This movie shows what it's like to be an obsessed European audiophile. Here's also a list of some past posts on audiophiles that you might enjoy (although you may not if you consider yourself one).

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1 comment:

Fred Decker said...

Dear Bobby,

I remember the time you are talking about back in the 1970's when it seemed like everyone cared about having a good stereo and would shop carefully for each component.

Then 15 minutes later it seemed like all the components were made out of plastic and felt like frisbees. What happened?


Fred Decker


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