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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rare Video: "Let's Buy A Record"

Here's a gem that shows a piece of recording history. It's a 1951 promotional film by Capitol Records called "Want to Buy a Record?" It features the legendary Mel Blanc trying to sell a record to passer-by Billy May. Skip to 10:40 for a look at a session in the old Capitol Studios on Melrose Blvd a few years before the renowned Capitol Tower was built.

The film also shows lacquer cutting, a brief meeting with Les Paul and Mary Ford, and then a rare clip of Dean Martin recording. It finishes up with a tour of a record pressing plant. It's the whole Capitol family in a time gone by.


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Albert said...

Cool find, Bobby.

But seriously... what does the red button do?

Jef Knight said...

Thanks for this, Bobby.
I really dig these old how-it-was-made vids.
Seeing the industrial infrastructure, it's a wonder that these disks weren't $100 each to buy.


marsiano said...

lol, thanks for sharing. I'd like to see a parody with the title "want to buy a CD?", but it wouldn't be too different, I guess

P.S. man, your captcha is too difficult! I had to try 4 times :)

Rand Bliss said...

Thank you for this time-travelling trip down the birth canal of modern music. The simplicity and pace from art to product is so refreshing.

And look how ridiculously complicated and degenerated it's become.

Bedea bedea bedea, that's all folks!


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