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Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Music Gear Monday: Ableton Push

Here's a cool "instrument" by Ableton designed primarily for programming a song from scratch called Push. It's a series of pressure, touch and velocity sensitive pads that allow you to quickly program beats, step between sequences, and play notes and chords (although that does seem to take some getting used to if you've been used to a keyboard). Every Push comes with Ableton Live 9 and includes 3 instruments and more than 700 sounds. It should be available at a street price of around $600. Check out the video below or the Push page for more information.


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1 comment:

Jef Knight said...

I dig that you are covering more gear both new and historic.
Not a gear hog, (you wouldn't know that to see my workspace) but do like reading about things that might make for a better setup or workflow.



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