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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rare Michael Jackson Studio Footage

Here's an interesting video compilation of numerous clips of Michael Jackson in the studio. It begins with an Access Hollywood segment, but at around 3:20 it switches to Michael doing overdubs for "We Are The World" which is about as candid as you'll ever get. Take notice how when it's time for MJ to do his overdubs he takes a step back from the mic, an excellent Bruce Swedien technique used to add more depth to the vocal double.

The next part at 5:10 shows MJ doing an amazing human beat box. Bruce once told me that Michael's groove was so strong that you could build a track just around his vocal, and you can see that in play here.

There are a few more clips after that of MJ behind the scenes in the studio which haven't been seen much. No big revelations, but a fun watch nonetheless.


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