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Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Music Gear Monday: MACHINA MIDI Controller Jacket

People have been hitting their bodies in rhythm for centuries and until recently, have relied on good-old fashioned acoustics for amplification. That's not easy, considering that these bags of mostly water that we call bodies don't resonante particularly well.

Now comes MACHINA, a MIDI controller that's actually a wearable jacket. The unit isn't on the market yet, but has a Kickstarter campaign to get the ball rolling. Check out the video and tell me if you think it's cool or not.


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Anonymous said...

Have you seen David Holt's drum machine jacket? about 23 minutes in.

Rand Bliss said...

Perhaps it'll only prove useful/practical for percussion-based sound triggering and performance.

To create anything of musical melody then perform it live would probably involve more time & effort to perfect than it'd be worthwhile.

Consider memorizing every single movement of your arms and hands, etc. to reproduce your 'song'?

Applaud innovation regardless...


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