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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Physics Of The Mosh Pit

Ever think that a mosh pit was just a bunch of young guys with too much testosterone that randomly beat each other up to the music of their favorite metal band? Well, think again as researchers from Cornell University have found a distinct correlation between moshers and gas particles.

Like a gas, moshers bounce off of one another when they collide (instead of sticking), and can flock and follow one another. They also found that the mosh pit has three distinct modes; random, a whirling vortex, and a lane formation as the moshers break through the crowd. You can see all three clearly in the following video, or you can play with the various parameters of the simulation itself here.

It just goes to show how wonderful science is in that it can take what seems to be such a random unthinking act and add meaning and structure to it (uh, I think that's good). Read more about it in this article at New Scientist.


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1 comment:

Rand Bliss said...

Is this another example what universities waste their grant money on?

With unemployment and homelessness running rampant (up to 3.5 million any given year) in America alone, aren't there more important issues to consider, study and resolve?

The seemingly unstoppable economic disparity and lack of understanding and compassion in the 'Land of the Free' is shameful.


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