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Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Music Gear Monday: Focusrite iTrack Solo

As I reported to you in my recent NAMM update, one of the things that surprised me this year was how little was introduced for the iPad. Maybe it was that we all expected last year's trend to iOS to pick up steam, but it never did as predicted.

That being said, the iPad wasn't forgotten by everyone. In fact, Focusrite came out with a series of iOS interfaces that now make recording on the iPad very convenient. One of those is the iTrack Solo, which is brilliant in that it contains everything you need to turn the iPad into a real recording device.

The iTrack Solo has two inputs, one mic input and one instrument, as well as a monitor control and headphone output and zero-latency recording ability. It even comes with the proper interface cable, which always seems to be an add-on accessory with these types of devices.

Check out the movie below, which provides an overview of the device during the tracking of a song, and the iTrack Solo page on Focusrite's site.


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1 comment:

FeinSinn said...

Still searching for an option digital out from the ipad4 into my rme fireface400


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