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Thursday, April 11, 2013

For The Audio Geek - The iPhone Equalizer Case

If you really have to prove that you're both an engineer and a geek, how about this Equalizer iPhone 5 Case from Strapya. Actually, what they mean is spectrum analyzer, not equalizer, but we'll cut them a break.

Turn it on and it responds to either outside sounds, or the sound of your phone (that part I like). I'm not sure how calibrated it is, but I don't think you'd be buying it for that as much as the fashion statement. Just $27 on Amazon.


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Chryst said...

The amazing low end on that ringtone... This a toy.

Anonymous said...

Almost competitive with this:

Gian Nicola Beraldo said...

Android is the future now :-)
A great free noise meter:


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