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Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Music Gear Monday: SSL Sigma Summing Mixer

SSL released the Sigma "remote controlled analog mix engine" last week at Musicmesse in Germany, and all I can say is, "What took them so long?" Many serious mixers who have gone from mixing on consoles to mixing in the box have used these for a number of years already (the Dangerous Music 2 Buss is the most frequently used), and it seems that all the major console manufacturers have missed out on this sales opportunity. Until now.

The Sigma is different from the normal buss mixer though, in that it's remotely controlled from a browser, has 16 stereo inputs, has two different mix busses (one to listen to and the other to feed back into the DAW to record) and is automated. The fader level of each channel can also be controlled from your DAW. Very cool. It retails for $4499, which isn't all that bad considering what you get.

Here's a video from the show by Sonic State that describes the unit in detail.


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Jef Knight said...

Hey, long time no post...been wonderfully busy around here.

I've recently been implemeting the idea that its better to mixdown stems and finals via their audio output rather than just letting Cubase digitally render them.

Makes for a much more realistic sounding mix.


CaptainVictory said...

You've got to love this guy's attitude. Clearly a guy who loves his job.

Maranda Moses said...

Nice Wonderful Post Hope to read more from you good audio editing and audio mixing is required for good sound production

Vada said...

This is cool!


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