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Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Music Gear Monday: Rupert Neve 5060 Centerpiece

Desktop mixers and summing amplifiers are all the rage these days and rightfully so. We live in a DAW world and well over 90% of all studio music mixing is done in-the-box. We've seen SSL and AMS-Neve recently introduce their own products in this category, but a new one from Rupert Neve Designs (not to be confused with AMS-Neve, his old company) is something completely different.

The Rupert Neve 5060 Centerpiece is basically a 24 channel summing amp with a monitor controller built in. What makes it unique is that it also has 4 stereo inputs each controllable by a fader as well as a master fader. Add a USB/MIDI transport section, and RND's totally unique Texture color control and the 5060 Centerpiece becomes a unit different from anything else on the market. Retail price is $7995. Check out this video for some of the details.


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Gian Nicola Beraldo said...

Bobby, please, which differences there are between this and a common mixer?
Thank you!

Bobby Owsinski said...

A summing mixer is meant to take the outputs from a digital mix down in a DAW and give it an analog sound. There's usually no signal processing unless you use inserts, and generally no faders. This mixer is the exception.

Gian Nicola Beraldo said...

Ok, so the signal path is: DAW > summing mixer > DAW o another recorder right?

Bobby Owsinski said...

Yes, that's right.

Gian Nicola Beraldo said...

Thank You.


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