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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

FLAC Gets An Update

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For those of you who enjoy FLAC (which stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec) files, you'll be heartened to know that the lossless file format has undergone it's first update in almost 6 years. The new version is 1.3.0.

There's not all that much new in the updated version, but it's not the features that's the big deal but the fact that it's still being supported at all. FLAC 1.3.0 now supports RF64 and Sony's Wave64 format is now built in, and also the ability to change the replay gain for sampling rates up to 192kHz is now available.

FLAC is one of those formats that seems to be just under the radar of not only the public, but musicians and engineers as well. It's widely supported, and used by many artists as the format of choice for selling their concerts online, but it's not exactly a format in everyday use in the music production world.

That's a shame, since it has lots of uses. It's a great substitute for MP3, since it makes a smaller file that's totally lossless, it supports up to 8 channels, and sampling rates up to 655,350kHz. Although the files aren't as small as MP3s, file size isn't that much of a problem like it once was thanks to DropBox, YouSendIt and other file transfer services. The point is, your client can listen to something closer to what you're hearing with FLAC than with an MP3.

Give FLAC a try, you'll like it. Version 1.3.0 can be downloaded here.

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