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Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Music Gear Monday: Softube Console One

Some sort of controller is an important addition to any DAW, but most of them follow the same general design, with a group of faders and some soft knobs and switches used for general adjustments. Softube has taken a different approach with their soon to be released Console One.

Console One comes with not only the controller, but a software package that roughly emulates an SSL 4k. Plus, the controller itself has dedicated controls for EQ and dynamics, but it seems like they're limited to only Softube plugins. The best part is it looks like it's possible to do an entire mix without ever having to look at your DAW.

Console One is compatible with most DAWs, but since it's not released yet it's hard to be sure exactly what that means. If the controls can't be mapped to the everything in the DAW, it might be more valuable to those who will use the entire package, rather than just the controller. Now if it only had a fader!

The price has yet to be determined.


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Vikas Gupta said...

Thanks to share these packing and moving tips.It's too informative.

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Jef Knight said...

No sale.

It takes over the DAW's own interface. Why? And it's not global but implemented per channel. Huh? I can't see this being more usefull than an Mackie or the new Tascam. Or certainly the Yamaha control desks.

Sure it's got VST control, but it doesn't have faders. While the VST control is cool [and #@$% Steinberg for not including Mackie C4 implementation btw... ;-)] it's still wasn't designed to be used as an adjunct unit.

I suppose I'm just being fussy today, really. Sorry, woke up that

But still, the whole DAW control market seems geared towards bedroom recordists who are doing 8track or less mixes. Even the new SSL gizmo is horribly forshortened. And seriously, what small studio, in todays lowest-bidder market, can affort the big boys like Euphonics, SSL Matrix or Audient?

What's the deal with console/DAW control makers anyway? Why is there no inexpensive desk that functions like a classic mixer, but has a DAW layer and isn't over 20k? Surely they know you can make that stuff in China for the price of a descent meal an Spago.

PreSonus is close, very nice actually, but no motorized faders is their "d'oh" moment.

I'm currently using a Mackie MCU and it's great. Sure, I have have to have a second desk for direct, outside the box, monitoring but so what (for now). My Mackie + A+H GL2400 are still a pretty small footprint...until someone makes something like the A+H with a DAW layer...

(with appologies for the rantiness of it all)

Doug said...

Very informative! Wonder how much they will sell it for. Thanks for sharing!


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