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Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Music Gear Monday: The EV RE320 Mic

If you were to look into any large studio's mic cabinet, chances are that you'd see at least one Electro-Voice RE20 mic inside. The RE20 has been a workhorse in the industry for a long time, and up until recently, was one of the few large diaphragm dynamic mics.

While EV continues to manufacture the RE20, it recently introduced the RE320, which isn't the same even though it shares the same package. Here's a great video that explains the differences.

Suffice it to say that EV designed the 320 partially as a kick drum mic, but it works in other applications, such as broadcast (where the RE20 has always excelled), as well. The RE320 has a street price of around $300 while the RE20 is around $450.


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