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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Office Turntable: The Perfect Analog And Digital Hybrid

Here's something brilliant on so many levels. The Office Turntable is a great marketing device, but it's also an interesting hybrid of new and old, and analog and digital. Check this video out to see how vinyl and an smartphone app can work in today's world.


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Jef Knight said...

While I agree that it's brilliant marketing, it surely has nothing to do with vinyl.

That record could be make of cardboard, it's the QR code and the app that are doing the work, so no actual vinyl is being played.

I doubt you even have to put the phone on the record, unless you want the "real vinyl experience".


Jac said...

Totally agree - I was watching the video and thinking it looked a great way to make a vinyl sound like an mp3.
Wondered how many shots they had to do may the iphone screen line up to the vinyl form the different camera angles.

Nichole said...

A smile came to my face when I saw this video.

Thanks for posting.


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