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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Deep Purple "Smoke On The Water" Isolated Guitar

Here's another in a series of isolated guitar tracks from some big hits. This time it's Deep Purple's "Smoke On The Water," a song that every young guitar player learned before anything else at one time. Here are a couple of things to listen for:

1. There's a nice short reverb on the Ritchie Blackmore's guitar. It fits just right for figures that he plays.

2. Listen to the single note phrases he plays in the verses and B-section. This simple part gets lost on the record sometimes. Also listen to the mistake he makes in the second half of the second B section at 2:40. Today that wouldn't be left in.

3. The solo (obviously an overdub that was cut into the example) features a different sound on the guitar (the Strat's neck pickup) that's not too distorted and also has a tape echo on it.

4. The figure that Blackmore plays on the outro from 5:18 is another part that frequently gets lost in the track (and is never played by bar bands).


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Niels said...

Strange feeling listening to this, I grew up with this track and to hear how it circles around the beat and have small playing errors leaves me thinkin that perfect playin isnt necessarily about timing and much of the linin up to the grid we do these days takes the life out of music. This sounds like a man playin it for about the first time, experimentin with diffrent patterns in the rhythm part of the verse and chorus, but with the band it sounds great. Thank you for sharing !

Rand Bliss said...

Agree with Niels; keeping one's sole focus and sights on perfection one inevitably sacrifices the 'feel' connection with the holy Muse.

Thanks for the Marshall amp-on-11 blast from the past Bobby.

By the way, you forgot to mention that Ritchie Blackmore is still one of the original God's of Guitar!


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