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Monday, July 8, 2013

Guns N Roses "Welcome To The Jungle" Isolated Guitar

One of the things that many casual listeners frequently do is take some of the most basic parts of a recording for granted. Take a rhythm guitar, for instance, which can provide both the glue and movement to many songs. A good example is in the video below of the rhythm guitar parts to Guns n Roses big hit "Welcome To The Jungle."

In it you'll hear rhythm parts from both Izzy Stradlin and Slash on the left side only (the lead guitar is panned to the right side on the final mix). Listen for:

1. Izzy isn't the greatest player, but the part is played perfectly so you don't hear any inconsistencies with the rest of the track.

2. You can hear where Slash comes in at 1:36 where the sound changes and the playing technique is tighter and more fluid.

3. There are a lot of guitar layers that you don't hear distinctly on the record. Listen to the ending at 4:05 for a good example.


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