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Monday, September 30, 2013

Manley Factory Tour

As anyone who's into audio knows, Manley Labs tube audio gear is some of the finest in the business. But if you don't know already, CEO EveAnna Manley is one of the most unique individuals not only in the industry, but in any business.

She's built Manley Labs into the powerhouse that it is by herself, based on superior designs and treating customers and non-customers extremely well. In fact, EveAnna has quietly helped more people in more ways that most people know (including your truly a few times). The lady has a huge heart and she has the smarts to match in that she knows more about tubes and the electronics that surround them than most people on the planet.

If you really want to be impressed though, check out this video tour of the Manley factory. I got the tour a few years ago and was blown away. It's better now, as you'll see.


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Bobby Owsinski said...

Sorry for the broken link everyone. It's fixed now.


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