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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 Things I'd Like To See At NAMM, But Probably Won't

Victor Wooten performing at NAMM 2013 image
Victor Wooten performing at NAMM 2013
I'm at NAMM today and I'll get you my full report next week (although you might find some info in a few tweets). That said, here are a few things that I'd like to see at NAMM that probably won't.

1) Just one new whiz-bang product that knocks me off my feet. For a long time now, most of the gear seen at NAMM and other gear exhibitions have been evolutionary instead of revolutionary. Please, no more microphones, mic preamps and compressors unless they use a new technology based on lasers, quantum mechanics, alternate universes or something so different that it totally blows all else away.

2) Fewer booth babes and more people who know the product. We all like eye candy, but most booth babes just clog up the booths and aisles making it harder to find out product info. I mean, I live near Hollywood and Beverly Hills. I can just walk down the street and see more and better looking women almost any day of the week, so give me someone who can answer some questions instead.

3) Easier parking. It's hard enough to have to drive to Anaheim in morning traffic, but the fight for parking can be ferocious. And you end up walking a long ways anyway.

4) Better convention food and drink. You expect it to be overpriced (and it is), but is it asking too much to have some healthy options as well?

5) Identify the performers. NAMM is great because you have many world-class performers doing their thing in booths and on stages throughout the show. It sure would be nice to know who these performers are, since we know many be name and reputation, but don't know what they look like.

I'm sure I can come up with more (and no doubt will by Monday), but I can hope for at least one of the above to take place this year.

What would you like to see at NAMM?

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