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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dave Pensado - 5 Plugins You Should Know

My good buddy Dave Pensado has one of the best shows ever in Pensado's Place, and one of the recurring segments is called Into The Lair. This is where Dave actually shows you many of the tips and tricks that he uses on his multi-platinum mixes. A recent ITL featured the theme "5 Plugins You Should Know," and truly, you should know them because they're so cool.

One of the things that you'll notice is that even though the effect of the plugin can be very dramatic, Dave uses them in a sometimes subtle way. It's the cumulative effect of the subtleness across the mix that really makes the difference. Check it out, and be sure to check out his fantastic show. It's a must for everyone making music today.


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Gian Nicola Beraldo said...

Hi Bobby,
thank you so much for this video!
But I don't like it, and I think it's matter of the sound quality of Youtube. Almost thought this was a joke. I hardly hear differences in the sound; I have appreciated the limiter and meter, but, the other plugins, well, they change very little sound: I think that with a good equalizer and a good compressor you can achieve better result.
It seems to me an advertising video..
And last but not least: is that music adapt to a demo like this?
I think that I should try them with my music in my audio chain, and probably I will change my mind, but in this youtube video no, it's not possible for my ears.
All your advices is most welcome!

Bobby Owsinski said...

First of all, you can hear everything a little better with headphones.
Secondly, Dave has to use music that he's able to get permission for, otherwise it would be a copyright infringement.
Finally, I know Dave well and I can tell you that he just wouldn't do a video that was an advertisement without saying so. I can assure you that he uses everything there.

All I can say is try the demo versions of the plugin with your music and see if you like them. That's the only way to tell with any kind of gear.

Gian Nicola Beraldo said...

thank you for your reply.
I usually use my Grado RS2 through the headphone out of my RME Multiface when I want to listen carefully. And I am pretty sure that he hear something very different from what I can hear from Youtube: but maybe I am wrong or I am becoming deaf..
Ok for the advertise, I didn't mean that he would do that: my fault, reading again my post it looks like I was saying that this is an advertising.
Well, there are thousand of cheap royalty free music that are something "more" than a square wave with some distorsion. But, ok, the reason of the music is clear: i would have used other but, I am NOT Dave nor a great engineer, of course, but I am able to use my ears. I agree with you when you say to download the demo: this is really the only way to understand how plugin works and what are able to do: even a video can't do that, that's the point. I hope I am clear enough, sorry for my english.
Bobby, I hear differences when he moves knobs, but, very very little changes in sound (or something very close to Eq). But this is my opinion and maybe I am wrong.
And of course thank you for your blog, you know I read you from some years and I consider this is the best blog in audio.
All your advices is most welcome!

ilter said...

Glan, maybe you are not watching (and listening to) the videos in HD. If not, you should. I hear the differences and they are not so subtle.


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